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Work smarter, not harder.

Threat intelligence is more than receiving an annual threat report or looking at CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). Leading cybersecurity teams are utilizing threat intelligence tools to actively defend their network. Threat Intelligence Platforms allow analysts to prioritize threats, implement solutions proactively, and gain context around existing threats.

Datashield utilizes our own proprietary orchestration tool, SHIELDVision, which leverages threat intelligence and our threat content team to perform deep forensic analysis on our clients' networks.

As cyber threats become more persistent and sophisticated security teams within organizations are stretched thin and dedicated to remediating known issues, leaving little time for active threat hunting and vulnerability management. Datashield is able to help effectively and affordably fill gaps in coverage for our clients.

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Threat Intelligence Tools

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A threat intelligence platform utilizing machine learning and optimized threat intelligence Anomali provides a variety of products and services that w...

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Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP): Threat Intelligence Platforms can be deployed as software or as an on-premise solution. They generally aggregate intelligence from external and internal sources and have features that allow security teams to curate, enrich, and risk score data. TIPs have evolved to handle the rapidly increase in the amount of data generated by known sources and help security teams identify the threats that are most relevant to their organization.Many now include built-in workflows to perform action development, mitigation planning, and execution. 

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