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What does it mean to be truly tool-agnostic?

When looking at a suite of cyber security tools and services, your tools and services should all work in harmony. Many of our competitors require bundled services and tools that do not work within specific organizations' security framework or budget.

Datashield is different.

We believe that as trusted experts and advisers, it is imperative to be tool-agnostic. We put our client needs above all else, using our consultative approach(link) to create and implement a comprehensive (and affordable) security solutions. You shouldn't have to give up the tools you already know and love in order to upgrade your level of security.

If you're unsure of which tools you need to implement or grow, our consultants are here to give you unbiased advice and trusted recommendations.

Datashield also has great working relationships with a range of SIEM providers, email security tools, EDR vendors, and perimeter defense tools. We interface with some of the industry's biggest names and up-and-comers to keep your organization resilient.

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