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A threat intelligence platform utilizing machine learning and optimized threat intelligence

Anomali provides a variety of products and services that work in tandem to provide threat intelligence, detect threats, automate normalization of data, visualize IOCs, and facilitate collaboration.

anomali logo transparent pngTheir services include conducting 360 investigations, receiving threat intelligence, as well as automating cyber response processes. Enterprises can also take advantage of Anomali solutions by integrating them into functioning cloud and on-premise SIEM and EDR frameworks.

The automated threat intelligence and analysis operations Anomali offers are optimized using machine learning. This reduces the occurrence of false positives and other errors when conducting threat analysis. The integration of Machine Learning into its threat investigation process also ensures hidden threats are discovered, and the mindset or process hackers employ towards an enterprise’s environment is understood. The end result is an intelligent approach to mitigating risks and the ability to predict threat patterns and respond accordingly.

Anomali’s threat detection and response features include:

Threat Detection

Anomali detects threats through threat intelligence. Their products also weight and prioritize threats, allowing security teams to work more efficiently.

Intelligent Threat Analysis

Understanding threat patterns is one of the recommended options for discovering future threat and responding appropriately to them. Anomali threat intelligence tools enable enterprises to apply machine learning in discovering threats and understanding the adversary on a deeper level.

Incident Response

The ability to automate response processes adds a layer of protection when dealing with cyber-attacks. Incident response goes hand-in-hand with threat detection and discovery as it helps enterprises mitigate the risks associated with detected vulnerabilities. Anomali integrates incident response tools to ensure data can be secured or recovered and downtime reduced.

Threat Investigations

While threat investigations and detection may seem similar, investigations focus on highlighting problems across an enterprise IT ecosystem. This includes investigating social media feeds, information floating within the dark web, and suspicious loopholes within communication channels. Anomali takes investigations to the next level through the application of deep learning and natural language processing.

Anomali Solutions Overview

Anomali offers versatile tools across its platform to handle threat intelligence and analysis activities. These solutions include the following:

Anomali Altitude

Altitude is the comprehensive platform for threat detection, investigation, and response. Anomali's intelligence reports can be used to drive cybersecurity decisions to adequately tackle security challenges. Their threat intelligence and detection tool can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or hosted in an air gap environment.

Anomali ThreatStream

ThreatStream is "mission control" for threat intelligence. The tool allows for a comprehensive insight into threats to networks, servers, cloud portals, emails etc. using one interactive datasheet. ThreatStream can also be deployed to automate threat detection process and operationalize threat intelligence and incident response. This feature frees up computing resources and professional labor, giving enterprises the option of putting freed resources to work elsewhere.

Threat intelligence sources include:

  • STIX/TAXII feeds
  • Open source threat feeds
  • Commercial threat intelligence providers
  • Structured and unstructured intelligence
  • ISAC/ISAO shared threat intelligence

Additionally, ThreatStream integrates seamlessly with popular and niche third-party feeds through their app store.

Anomali Match

Match correlates millions of IOC (Indicators of Compromise) and assists with evaluating new threats of an existing breach. It accomplishes this through its integrations with SIEM tools and other log repositories. The data Match collects is then compared to known threats and used to identify and flag down possible threats and used as an investigation tool to uncover successful breaches to cyber systems.

Anomali Match integrates the use of real-time forensics which ensures threats are detected and mitigated before having the opportunity to cause lasting damage.

Anomali Lens+

Lens+ is the first NLP (Natural Language Processing) web content parser that provides instant insights for analysts. With a Lens+-enabled web browser, Anomali's tool discovers threats by automatically scanning any web-based content like news stories, social media, research papers, blogs, paste sites, coding repositories, and internal content sources like SIEM user interfaces.

The tool supports the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which allows analysts to bring context and clarity to threats.

  • MITRE ATT&CK TTP Recognition
  • MITRE ATT&CK Investigation
  • Auto-scan
  • Threat detection with Anomali Match Freemium

Anomali Cyber Security Partnerships

Anomali takes partnerships that improve its threat intelligence and cybersecurity analysis seriously. Organizations can take advantage of Anomali’s app store to further expand their threat intelligence, integrate with their partners, and enrich threat analysis.

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