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checkpoint software technologies logo transparentThe fifth generation of cyber-attacks consists of large-scale multi-vector attacks aimed at crippling multiple components of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Dealing with these attacks requires a comprehensive solution that protects each gateway, device, and component within an IT architecture.

Check Point gateways provide security protection for both small- and large-scale infrastructure from targeted attacks. It is designed for Sandblast Network’s protection. Services include:


Zero Trust Security

Check Point defines Zero Trust security as the process of dividing large scale IT architecture into sections to better manage the security challenges they face. This reduces the risk of lateral movement of large-scale attacks. The ability to provide a security firewall at the granular level provides detailed visibility into private and public clouds, virtual machines, applications, and the access policies that form the assets of an enterprise infrastructure.


Advanced Endpoint Security

Check Point provides end-to-end security through advanced algorithms that reduce the occurrence of false positives to zero. This means IT security teams don’t end up chasing shadows when handling threats.


Threat Detection and Prevention

The constant threat of phishing attacks through emails, files, mobile devices and the web means real-time detection policies must be put in place to prevent breaches. Check Point delivers malware prevention through emails and the web. To this end, Check Point earned the highest security effectiveness score during the 2019 NSS Labs Breach Prevention test. The test saw Check Point score a 100 percent block rate with regards to malware and phishing attacks.


Unified, Scalable Security

Hybrid IT environments or multi-cloud systems require a unified security structure that ensures every endpoint and gateway is protected from fifth generation attacks. Check Point delivers an R80.40 unified security management control across large scale networks.


Overview of Check Point Solutions

The solutions or products Check Point offers cloud security, securing networks, mobile devices, endpoints, and security management. These products include the following options:


Check Point Infinity

This next-generation firewall provides security teams with consolidated security across an expansive IT infrastructure. Check Point Infinity secures networks, public and private cloud, data centers, and mobile devices with access to enterprise networks. With Check Point Infinity, both known and unknown threats can be discovered and dealt with in real-time. Infinity delivers visibility into IT infrastructure deployed on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. The dashboard simplifies the threat detection process by providing security teams with in-depth visualizations into attacks.


Check Point CloudGuard

The CloudGuard secures solely cloud infrastructure. This includes public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, and edge computing networks and devices. It also provides comprehensive protection for IaaS solutions through an automated process which discovers threats in real-time. CloudGuard can be integrated into the hypervisors developed by leading brands such as VMware, Cisco, Open Stack, and Microsoft. It also makes use of reporting and management tools to provide security teams with the visibility needed to prevent or initiate recoveries.

When deployed to protect SaaS platforms, CloudGuard protects enterprise data from breaches and Ransomware. The security firewall protects email platforms such as Office 365 and G-suite from phishing attacks integrated into downloadable files or sent through OneDrive. It also integrates the use of behavioral pattern analysis to protect user data from identity theft and unauthorized access.

CloudGuard Edge, a subset of Check Point’s CloudGuard provides security for edge networks which connect directly to a centralized cloud platform. The easy installation process and its ability to protect SD-WAN Cloud connections make it an excellent threat prevention solution for enterprises with multiple branches.


Check Point SandBlast

The SandBlast network protects enterprise IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks through threat emulation, threat extraction, and artificial intelligence. The integration of AI brings accuracy when dealing with targeted cyber-attacks, making it possible to block evasion-resistant malware. SandBlast extracts threats from web downloads and files attached in emails. Once the threats have been extracted, the original file becomes safe to access through authorized devices. The use of AI also provides insight into threat behavioral patterns and the tactics used by cyber criminals.


Check Point SandBlast Mobile

SandBlast for mobile devices provides enterprise-grade security for mobile applications used to access cloud networks or everyday business operations. This solution protects both iOS and Android devices from advanced threats that target emails, documents, and files. SandBlast Mobile can also be deployed to protect SaaS applications which serve as mobile workspaces or platforms. Security teams can take advantage of SandBlast Mobile to enforce security standards across mobile devices and virtual networks. This re-enforces the security measures an enterprise employs to protect its IT architecture. 

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