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Award-Winning Firewall Appliances and Enterprise Network Protection

cisco firepower logoCisco Networks Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) offer superior cyber threat protection, intrusion prevention, and enterprise security management controls for organizations of all sizes and deployments. As one of the most recognized brands and security appliances in the industry, Cisco Networks and its Firepower NGFWs provide foundational security architecture and functionality to ensure any organization’s overall security posture remains as strong and as effective as possible against future generations of cyber security threats.

Breach Prevention

Next-generation IPS, advanced malware protection, URL filtering, policy enforcement, built-in sandboxing, threat intelligence integrations, and a variety of other advanced security tools and features keep company networks as protected as possible in an always-changing threat landscape.

Network Visibility

Cisco Firepower NGFWs provide organizations with deep visibility into their network activity and other relevant data in real time so security teams can rapidly detect malicious activity and take corrective action with complete context into the threat.

Flexible Management

As Cisco Firepower NGFWs customers, organizations have the option to deploy, customize, and manage their Cisco security product(s) in virtually any way they choose to gain the most effective and cost-efficient security coverage possible.

Rapid Detection

Cisco Firepower NGFWs give organizations the advanced security capabilities they need to detect high-risk threats in seconds, not days or weeks.

Integration and Automation

Cisco Firepower NGFWs seamlessly integrate with and leverage the powerful functionality of Cisco security products and other vendors to create some of the strongest and most advanced enterprise security solutions available today.

Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall Services Overview

Advanced Threat Intelligence (Talos)

Cisco Networks Advanced Threat Intelligence unit, Talos, provides Cisco Firepower NGFWs with the critical threat intelligence needed to stay protected from highly advanced, unknown, and/or difficult-to-detect threats. Talos compiles and analyzes cybersecurity data from millions of real malware samples, community-sourced intelligence data, and other highly relevant information from trusted industry sources to deliver relevant security intelligence and unparalleled perspectives into the modern threat landscape.

  • Real-time malware intelligence
  • Vulnerability research and discovery
  • Seamless Cisco security integrations

Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO)

The Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) is an optional policy and device management center for Cisco Firepower NGFW devices. Based in the cloud, CDO gives security teams and network administrators the ability to effectively manage security policies, updates, configurations, and deployments across disparate devices and environments from a single management console.

  • Policy templates
  • Object and policy analysis
  • Change logging
  • Rapid deployment and onboarding

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) provides the malware and advanced threat protection layer for Cisco Firepower NGFW customers. Cisco AMP gives organizations the power to detect, block, and analyze malware threats and other security exploitation attempts to keep critical assets across the network completely protected.

  • Detect and block threats and exploit attempts
  • Retrospective security analysis
  • Continuous traffic and file analysis
  • File sandboxing

Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)

Providing intrusion prevention functionality for Cisco Firepower NGFWs, Cisco’s Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS)--built on the open technology of Snort--gives organizations detailed visibility and insight into detected threats. Such visibility and context allow security teams to respond with the necessary resources and successfully mitigate the intrusion.

  • Anomaly-based detection methods
  • Real-time contextual awareness
  • Security automations
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Application control and URL filtering

Cisco Threat Response (CTR)

Serving as a foundational, unifying management component in Cisco’s greater security product suite, Cisco Threat Response (CTR) is a centralized management console that allows organizations to automate solution integrations and effectively join Cisco security products and services together to create one of the strongest, most efficient and cost-effective security deployments available.

  • Automatically block suspicious files and domains
  • Incident tracking
  • Out-of-box and third-party integrations
  • Interactive relational graphs and timelines

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