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Endpoint Protection and Data Loss Prevention

Digital Guardian LogoDigital Guardian offers a full suite of enterprise security products--including data loss prevention (DLP), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and user and entity behavior analysis (UEBA) modules--designed to safeguard critical data assets and protect company endpoints from every possible avenue of attack.


  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Customizable Workspaces
  • Lightweight Endpoint Agent
  • Extensive Control

Data Loss Prevention

Stopping every security threat is virtually impossible, but preventing data loss is not. Digital Guardian DLP and EDR modules play a critical role in ensuring valuable data assets remain safe and within the organization’s control before, during, and after any setback.

Customizable Workspaces

Digital Guardian gives threat hunters and other security personnel feature-rich workspaces they can use to review critical threat intelligence data and effectively mitigate virtually any threat.

Lightweight Endpoint Agent

Digital Guardian’s endpoint protection services leverage a single endpoint agent that collects event data and protects devices from highly advanced threats--all with negligible impact on endpoint performance.

Extensive Control

Digital Guardian offers security teams enormous flexibility and control over how company data is used and how incoming threats can be handled. Such granular control gives organizations the ability to maximize security efforts without impacting regular business processes.


Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP Solution Overview

Digital Guardian Platform

Serving as the foundation of all Digital Guardian products and security modules, the Digital Guardian Platform combines EDR functionality, DLP, and UEBA capabilities into one single endpoint security solution. The Digital Guardian platform can be deployed as a SaaS or on-premise solution, allowing organizations to choose the deployment method that best fits their needs--regardless of size or budget.

  • Real-time endpoint monitoring and behavioral insight
  • Drag and drop incident management
  • Dedicated analyst workspaces
  • 3rd party integrations


Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP is an endpoint management and data protection module that gives organizations granular control over how sensitive company data is moved and safeguarded across the network. Digital Guardian intelligently tracks event data across endpoints and automatically takes action against detected threats to ensure high-value assets remain safe and under the company’s control at all times.

  • Intelligently track and protect high-value data assets
  • Automate encryption and threat remediation activities
  • Proactive data tagging and classification
  • Create and configure usage policies
  • Full data protection across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms


Digital Guardian Endpoint Detection and Response

Digital Guardian EDR allows organizations to automatically catch and block threats directly at the attack vector before any significant damage can be done to the company network. Combining real-time event data with historical behavioral analytics and search capabilities in one platform, Digital Guardian EDR gives security teams the intelligence and context needed to efficiently and effectively mitigate incoming threats.

  • Real-time threat alerts and visibility
  • Behavior-based threat detection
  • Automated incident response
  • Threat intelligence mapped to attack lifecycle
  • One console and endpoint agent


Digital Guardian User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Digital Guardian UEBA gives security teams the ability to detect and monitor user behavior to ensure no malware, compromised accounts, or malicious actors can cause significant damage or the complete loss of high-priority data assets.

  • Track and alert on behavioral deviations
  • Automatically block anomalous behavior
  • Automated risk scoring
  • Collect chain-of-custody forensic evidence
  • Executive risk dashboard

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