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Taking threat intelligence to the next level

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Digital Shadows’ SearchLight threat intelligence platform offers a wide variety of data sources, contextualization of alerts, playbooks, and integrations for turnkey automated remediation.

Tailored Configuration

SearchLight users can choose key assets to ensure alerts are seen on the most critical areas of your network, allowing your organization to filter out alert noise.

Vast Threat Intelligence

Digital Shadows provides threat intelligence from open source intelligence, social media, deep and dark web, human intelligence, and scans. Users have intelligence available by RESTful API, email alerts, requests for information, and weekly intelligence summaries.

Quick Remediation

Mitigate risks through managed and template takedown options, playbooks for documenting, and automated processes.

Digital Shadows Solutions Overview

Phishing Protection

Malicious phishing mails and Business Email Compromise strategies can be discovered using SearchLight. SearchLight employs a continuous detection process that ensures domain DNS and MX records are continuously assessed for risks. SearchLight also provides alerts that give security analysts more insight into phishing threats and the infrastructure, including networks and domains they target.

Dark Web Monitoring

Digital Shadows allow enterprises to dive deeper into the dark web to analyze with the ability to cause harm. This includes sensitive company data, products, and other assets currently being sold on the dark web. The investigative and analytical tools employed provides cybersecurity analyst with the information needed to protect assets and data being shared during regular communications.

Account Takeover Prevention

SearchLight makes use of proprietary technology and analytical tools to detect compromised employee credentials and network loopholes that aid account takeovers. These tools make it possible to track credential harvesters, detect domain impersonations, and compromised emails. Enterprises can also integrate SearchLight into other SIEM platforms to create a comprehensive security apparatus. Account takeover prevention processes can also be automated using Phantom Security and Demisto Enterprise.

Threat Intelligence

The enhance collection approach of SearchLight provide comprehensive data for security experts to explore through an intuitive and interactive dashboard. Extensive data is collected from all areas of the web to deliver complete insight into the threats an enterprise faces. SearchLight cloud-based ecosystem makes integration into any IT platform possible while delivering high-performing threat discovery services. Analysts can access intelligence through Dark Shadow’s RESTful API, Email Alerting Requests, and Weekly Intelligence Summaries.

Data Leakage Detection

Detecting compromised data is another solution an enterprise can take advantage of to protect sensitive business and client information. SearchLight can be used to continuously assess documents, communication channels to detect sources of exposure hackers can take advantage of. SearchLight detection alerts are insightful and create a basis for risk remediation when data leakages are discovered. Remediation can be done with NIST Playbooks, Augmented Data Loss Prevention Tools, and Templated Takedown options.

Digital Footprint Monitoring

Security analysts can identify weaknesses to assets across all media and domain-related platforms using SearchLight. Analysts can also identify vulnerabilities and keep track of multiple access points and infrastructure using SearchLight. These vulnerabilities can be weak or expiring security certificates, licenses, misconfigured file services, vulnerable applications, and open ports. Enterprises can also follow targeted remediation intelligence to deal with breaches and threats to assets and infrastructure.

Digital Shadow’s digital risk prevention solutions provide security analysts with a birds-eye view of how attackers see enterprise infrastructure, assets, communication channels, and media platforms. This insight from the attacker’s perspective, combined with remediation tools, ensure your entire catalog digital assets are completely protected.

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