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extra hop logo transparent pngExtraHop leverages the cloud and provides enterprises with the ability to handle threat detection and mitigation tasks across hybrid infrastructure. Unlike traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, ExtraHop applies a different approach to threat detection. The method is known as Network Detection and Response (NDR). The NDR approach involves the application of network traffic analysis to investigate anomalous behaviors and risk activities from layer two through layer seven.

The NDR approach to threat detection is 60% more effective than other processes, according to the company.

ExtraHop solutions offer the following features:

Threat Detection and Response

ExtraHop applies behavior-based analytics powered by machine learning to identify real threats. The NDR approach reduces the number of false positives produced because it does not rely on firewall logs, server logs, or signature alerts, which are known for producing false positives. The NDR approach prioritizes the search for severe threats through risk-based analytics and behavior mapping.

Enterprise IoT Security

ExtraHop provides a best-in-class IoT security solution that is easily deployed to detect threats within IoT ecosystems. The IoT solution applies advanced machine learning, profiling, and service-layer discovery to keep IoT networks and devices safe from cyber-attacks.

Remote Site Visibility

ExtraHop provides complete visibility over every aspect of a hybrid IT infrastructure. With this feature, system administrators can see through every device and application configured to access the data centers and local IT infrastructure within an enterprise. It does this remotely, which means it secures every edge computing devices, IoT devices, and smart devices with access to the organization’s infrastructure.

Customer Experience Monitoring

ExtraHop is one of the few threat detection tools that boast of enhancing the end user’s experience through real-time data analytics. The application of data analytics ensures assets on an enterprise’s network are tracked, and the level of communication they experience is monitored. With these tracking abilities, ExtraHop automatically tweaks databases and load balancers to resolve the challenges affecting any customer on the network. ExtraHop makes use of advanced machine learning to ensure every transaction on a network is optimized.

ExtraHop Products Overview

ExtraHop offers three major products developed towards securing IT operations in the cloud and across hybrid environments. These tools are excellent solutions for executing threat detection initiatives, checking the availability of applications, and securing assets in the cloud. These products include the following:

Reveal X

ExtraHop presents Reveal X as a tool that provides complete east-west visibility into networks and real-time threat detection. Reveal X delivers intelligent response to detected threats intuitively. This reduces the number of false positives enterprises have to deal with when monitoring and managing IT infrastructures. Reveal X reduces false positives through the categorization of devices into specific peer groups, which simplifies behavioral analysis and secrecy decryption. Reveal X decrypts SSL and TLS 1.3 encryptions in real-time, providing visibility into encrypted threats.

Reveal X Cloud

The Reveal X Cloud solution is a SaaS-based network detection and response solution designed to help enterprises scale up cloud operations as securely as possible. ExtraHop provides an inside-the-perimeter tool that scrutinizes cloud communications and workflows. Reveal X Cloud can be deployed across virtual private clouds and public cloud ecosystems with ease. Enterprises can leverage Reveal X Cloud to discover and track rogue incidences while automating risk management procedures.

Reveal X IT Operations

ExtraHop provides this solution to enterprises looking to expand their digital footprint. The Reveal X IT Operations tool delivers comprehensive insight into workflows across databases, cloud traffic, and networks. It employs machine learning to automate the threat detection process and the intelligent response needed to eliminate discovered anomalies.

ExtraHop and Threat Detection on Amazon Web Services

Reveal X Cloud leverages Amazon VPC Traffic Monitoring to provide enterprises with complete visibility into on-premise and cloud infrastructure through its intuitive platform. The Reveal X Cloud enables enterprises that rely on AWS to take advantage of the network traffic their business operations create. It also adds an extra layer of security through enhanced cloud visibility and its detection and response features.

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