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Traditional processes of storing enterprise data collected from sprawling IT infrastructure is known to leave vulnerabilities in networks that can be exploited. The reactive process of securing enterprise data also makes it difficult to detect and respond to cybercrimes in real-time.

To mitigate cybercrime risks across IT infrastructure in real-time, Google’s cloud SIEM Chronicle offers an elastic container for storing enterprise security telemetry. It integrates automation coupled with built-in threat signals to ensure the integrity of enterprise data. The services Chronicle provides include:

Threat Investigation

VirusTotal Enterprise owns an extensive malware intelligence database which can link and visualize malware relationships across external files, domains, and internal assets. Chronicle takes advantage of the largest malware database in the world to provide enterprises with its threat investigation services. Chronicle’s threat investigation services capabilities also include continuous automation and speed to ensure threats are discovered and investigated within seconds.


Threat Hunting and Detection

Reducing false positives and eliminating the use of triaging in detecting threat speeds up the threat hunting and detection processes for security analysts. Chronicle helps achieve this through retroactive correlation of enterprise security telemetry with backing from threat intelligence sources such as Avast and AVG. This process reduces the duration of security analysis by ensuring real threats are detected and providing a comprehensive analysis of discovered threats.


Security Analytics

Chronicle is built on Google infrastructure, which brings security analytics at the speed of search to your enterprise platform and security teams. The chronicle platform is capable of ingesting large data sets, indexing, correlating, and providing enterprise-grade security analyses in seconds. The high speed at which Chronicle executes security analytics means teams can upload their security telemetry onto the platform and start analyzing it within seconds.


An Overview of the Chronicle Platform Solutions

Chronicle offers threat investigation and detection products that work together to provide enterprises with flexible ways of dealing with complex attacks. These products include:



Uppercase provides a comprehensive approach to threat intelligence and detection through research correlation and extensive security analytics. With Uppercase, latent infections such as malware and other phishing attacks that have flown under the radar for years can be discovered. Uppercase also provides cover for emerging threats to enterprise infrastructure. This means the solution analyzes both historical security telemetry and emerging patterns to provide proactive solutions for dealing with threats.



Chronicle’s VirusTotal is an extensive malware database and visualization solution that provides deeper knowledge into malware operations within an enterprise system. The solution integrates reports from over 50 antivirus products and analyzes them to give you the complete picture of the security threats your IT infrastructure faces. The shared information from various anti-virus platforms includes information across external and internal sources. Enterprises can visualize this information and their effects from the interactive Chronicle dashboard.


Chronicle and the Google Infrastructure

The extensive solutions Chronicle offers takes into account petabytes of security data comes at the most affordable costs and in the case of VirusTotal, free. This is made possible due to Chronicle piggybacking on Google’s core infrastructure. This allows security teams to execute extensive threat analysis using data from other security event and information management tools, third-party security apps, and logs without having to worry about the cost.


For more detailed information about Google Chronicle visit Chronicle.Security

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