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IBM-driven Security Intelligence Platform

ibm qradar logo pngIBM QRadar is a foundational collection of SIEM applications used to accelerate and support virtually all possible aspects of a company’s overall security efforts. From vulnerability scanning and event log collection to post-incident forensics modules, IBM QRadar provides the advanced security tools, and intelligence teams need to detect advanced attack patterns and mitigate threats before any significant damage is caused to the network.

Advanced AI

IBM QRadar gives teams the ability to automate SOC tasks and leverage machine learning to detect behavior patterns other SIEM solutions may miss.

Centralized Management and Control

IBM QRadar offers security teams complete control over their security efforts from one intuitive security platform and user interface.

Extensive Security Integration

IBM QRadar can be integrated with over 450 proprietary and 3rd-party security solutions, delivering a highly customizable and flexible platform for security teams with existing tool preferences.

Flexible and Scalable SIEM Platform

IBM QRadar can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and can be scaled to fit the needs of virtually any company, big or small.

IBM QRadar Solution Overview


Serving as the anchor solution in the IBM QRadar family, IBM QRadar SIEM gives companies a powerful core of event collection and correlation capabilities their security teams can use to detect malicious traffic quickly and successfully engage emerging threats. IBM QRadar SIEM can correlate related activity and distill threat information down to a small list of prioritized alerts so security teams can act quickly with relevant insight into the nature of the threat.

  • Consolidate event information across data sources in real-time
  • Collect and consolidate log and network flow data
  • Correlate related network activities to prioritize incident response
  • Advanced persistent threat detection
  • Pre-built compliance reports and templates

IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics

IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics (UBA) continuously monitors user activity across the network to catch malicious use as it happens in real-time. Advanced behavior rules and machine learning capabilities dynamically assign a risk score based on a variety of criteria. Security teams are notified and can review the suspicious activity with the relevant metadata and usage history to determine which course of action should be taken to mitigate the threat appropriately.

  • Correlates behavior data to identify threats
  • Dynamic risk scoring with machine learning
  • Automated risk behavior alerts
  • Baseline entity behavior and leverage predictive modeling
  • Integrates directly with QRadar Security Analytics

IBM QRadar Network Insights

IBM QRadar Insights is an intelligent network traffic analysis and correlation tool designed to give security teams detailed insights into network traffic and potential threats as data is parsed in real-time. Using deep packet inspection and predefined signatures, IBM QRadar Network Insights automatically grabs the relevant profile, and behavioral information analysts need to identify and engage legitimate threats with extreme precision appropriately.

  • Automatically identify high-risk users and activity
  • Continuous deep packet inspection
  • Provides layer 7 content analysis
  • Detect and mitigate phishing campaigns, malware, lateral movement, data exfiltration, and more

IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager

Security teams can leverage the IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager to automate their vulnerability scanning and compliance checking tasks efficiently. Programmed to scan for over 70,000 configurations, settings, or software flaws that may leave networks open to exploitation, IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager automatically alerts the appropriate teams with detailed insight into the threat so they can prioritize remediation steps and minimize any possible risk of attack.

  • Vulnerability management dashboard
  • Integrates with major 3rd party vulnerability scanners
  • Correlate vulnerability data and contextualize threats
  • Delineates nonthreatening network vulnerabilities
  • Automate regulatory compliance tasks

IBM QRadar Incident Forensics

To maximize the success of a company’s incident forensics efforts, IBM QRadar Incident Forensics is a powerful security module that gives security teams complete visibility into the extent of an attack over any given period. By collecting, indexing, correlating, and analyzing detailed sets of incident-related data across a variety of sources, analysts can reconstruct the attack chain, identify critical network flaws, and bolster security efforts where necessary.

  • Visualize entity relationships across the network
  • Search engine-like interface for quick data retrieval
  • Reconstruct raw data back into original form
  • Compatible with standard PCAP formats

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