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100% Cloud-based Web & Email Security Platform

mimecast logo transparent pngMimecast is a powerful email and web security management platform designed to protect companies and their employees from intelligent network threats. The platform protects against spear-phishing campaigns, ransomware, spoofed email attempts, and other dangerous attacks that may lead to a data breach. Because human error is traditionally one of a company’s most significant security vulnerabilities, Mimecast gives companies the tools they need to minimize employee missteps and avoid a business-critical meltdown completely.

Reduce Human Risk

Mimecast automatically enforces security policies as well as detects malicious emails, files, and webpages to ensure a human error is kept to an absolute minimum.

Advanced Cyber Resilience

Mimecast is an industry-leading email and web security platform, able to proactively detect and protect against highly advanced threats and social engineering attacks.

Email Continuity

In the wake of any planned or unplanned email server outage, Mimecast keeps company inboxes in-service and available to use from any authorized computer or mobile device.

Data Preservation and Disaster Recovery

Mimecast’s archiving for enterprise capabilities allow companies to safely store, preserve, and recover critical company data directly from the cloud.


Mimecast Solution Overview

Advanced Email Security with Threat Protection

Offered as a cloud-based service, Mimecast’s Advanced Email Security with Threat Protection service protects employee email inboxes from a full range of email-based threats. Mimecast uses a variety of threat detection engines as well as 3rd party threat intel sources to defend against social engineering attempts, malicious URLs or attachments, malware, and other damaging threats or tactics.

  • Secure email gateway
  • DNS authentication including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  • Pre-click URL discovery
  • Attachment protection and static file analysis
  • Impersonation protection capabilities


Information Protection

Mimecast provides automated Content Control and Data Loss Prevention services that enforce employee adherence to security policy guidelines--helping keep all inbound and outbound employee communications secure from data leakage and/or exploitation. Mimecast’s Content Control and DLP services also scan emails and attachments automatically to block the transmission of sensitive company information as an added layer of security.

  • Data encryption with policy-enforced TLS
  • Intellectual property and sensitive information detection
  • Secure, cloud-based messaging service
  • Send/receive files up to 2GB


Mimecast Web Security

Mimecast Web Security monitors web activity at the DNS layer to block inappropriate/policy-violating web browsing behavior as well as thwart accidental access to websites that contain malware or other threatening content. Doing so ensures all web browsing activity and file downloads do not pose a significant risk to the company.

  • Automatic web filtering
  • Automatic file download inspection
  • User/group/site policies and exceptions
  • Employee protection both on and off the network
  • Historical web access audit logging
  • Single admin console


Mimecast Cloud Archive

Mimecast Cloud Archive is an enterprise information archiving solution that allows companies to store, protect, and preserve critical company data. Administered from the cloud, Cloud Archive gives companies the ability to maintain compliance and quickly recover lost data without having to rely on legacy backup and file recovery services.

  • Fully-indexed cloud information archive
  • SEC 17a-4 validated with tamper-resistant chains of custody
  • Unified management
  • Compliance maintenance and support
  • Self-service E-Discovery
  • Easy legacy data archive transfer


Mimecast Mailbox Continuity

If a mailbox server is unavailable for any reason, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity ensures company employees still have working access to their emails and attachments on any device they prefer. Company admins have the ability to monitor all inbound and outbound email as well as manage email administration tasks via a continuity portal to keep company communications flowing, despite the setback.

  • Out-of-band outage alerts in real-time
  • Instant failover and failback
  • Mail flow, latency, and delivery monitoring
  • One-click continuity activation

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