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Meet the next generation of vulnerability assessment

tenable nessus professional logo pngTenable®, Inc. has produced one of the most popular vulnerability scanners on the market, Nessus. Their scanner is available to organizations of all sizes and provides advanced threat detection, vulnerability scanning, scalability, and vulnerability management.

Organizations can deploy Nessus to conduct penetration testing and comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities across communication channels, online portals, and IT infrastructure.


Advanced Threat Detection

Updating or replacing assets within networks can lead to new vulnerabilities which require a comprehensive approach to detecting threats. Nessus enables businesses to detect threats within networks during updates, after the addition of new assets, and across hybrid or integrated ecosystems. Its advanced threat detection capabilities include its database of 55,000+ common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) help enterprises stay ahead of attackers.


Vulnerability Scanning

Nessus vulnerability scanning comes with extended visibility into networks and assets. This visibility forms the foundation blocks for the accurate scanning and minimal false-positives results it produces. The use of plugins to enhance vulnerability scanning procedures and discover threats are some of the added benefits businesses stand to gain using Nessus.



Enterprises can meet the increased vulnerability scanning challenges that come with scaling up network infrastructure by deploying Nessus. Tenable offers its essential and professional packages to meet increased vulnerability assessment demands.


Vulnerability Management

Nessus can reduce the time and effort expended on vulnerability assessment through its vulnerability management solutions: tenable.io, tenable.sc, and tenable.ot. Their predictive prioritization platform features comprehensive assessment, dynamic asset tracking, passive network monitoring, automated cloud visibility, and allows for integrations.

  • Tenable.io is deployed in the cloud.
  • Tenable.sc is deployed on-premises
  • Tenable.ot is designed for operational technology for industrial systems


Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Solutions Overview

Pre-built Policies and Templates

Plug and play with Nessus’ templates, optimized for a range of IT and mobile assets. Nessus also includes over 450 compliance and configuration templates to audit configuration against benchmarks and best practices.


Customizable Reporting

Filter what your organization needs by creating customized reports. Users can create reports by vulnerability type, host or by plugin. Reports can be exported in HTML, csv and nessus XML formats.


Live Results

New to Nessus 8 is live results. This feature automatically performs a vulnerability assessment with each plugin update.


Grouped Views

Also added to Nessus 8 is grouped views. Common issues or categories of vulnerabilities are automatically grouped and presented in a clear format for users. Cut down on the time needed to research and prioritize vulnerabilities and tasks.

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