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Next-gen Digital Risk Management Platform

proofpoint email security logo pngProofpoint is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides in-depth security coverage for critical risk vectors such as email, social media, cloud applications, and mobile applications. It allows organizations and their end-users to efficiently block inbound threats and minimize the risk of damaging data loss across digital platforms.

Total Threat Coverage

Proofpoint gives companies the ability to automatically detect and protect against emerging threats along virtually every attack surface in the company network.

Information Control

Proofpoint offers security teams and other stakeholders complete control over how company channels are leveraged, monitored, and protected from potential threats.

Security Risk Education

Proofpoint educates company users on how to protect themselves and company property against security and compliance risks, both on and off the company network.

Brand Protection

Proofpoint allows companies to monitor and preserve the integrity of their brand across digital landscapes--from social media channels to the dark web.


Proofpoint Solution Overview

Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is a suite of next-gen email security and threat prevention modules that effectively protect companies against advanced email threats. Deployed either on-premise or in the cloud, Proofpoint’s email protection services enhance an organization’s ability to catch and quarantine spoofed emails, phishing attempts, malware, spam, or even bulk email before significant damage is caused.

  • Dynamic email classification and control
  • Multi-layered content analysis and threat protection
  • Email fraud defense
  • Domain fraud monitoring
  • Flexible policy creation
  • Detailed reporting


Advanced Threat Protection

Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection capabilities extend beyond inbound email by providing security coverage to mobile applications and social media accounts as well. This improved coverage allows organizations to fully protect exploitation-prone entry points beyond the basic network perimeter that often go overlooked by other email security systems. Any threats or malicious behavior detected alerts the appropriate parties with rich, contextual information regarding the activity.

  • Targeted Attack Prevention (TAP) for email, mobile apps, social media, and software
  • Emerging Threat (ET) Intelligence security module
  • Forensic collection and IoC verification
  • Built-in enforcement and quarantine tools
  • Centralized threat intelligence portal


Archiving and Compliance

To simplify data archiving and compliance operations, Proofpoint delivers a next-generation data management solution that helps organizations manage the complexity of securing sensitive data and maintaining compliance at scale. Leveraging Proofpoint’s Enterprise Archive module, security analysts can quickly retrieve vital company information from a centralized data repository in the cloud to rapidly accelerate compliance workflows.

  • Easy capture, review, and reporting
  • Advanced violation detection
  • Create and enforce retention policies
  • Centrally managed data repository
  • E-discovery and analytics


Information Protection

Proofpoint provides an information protection module that allows organizations to automatically enforce security policies and encrypt sensitive company information to reduce the risk of data loss completely. Proofpoint automatically analyzes both inbound and outbound digital engagements to ensure each company end-user is communicating safely and responsibly.

  • Email data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Automatically detect, classify, and block impostor emails
  • Automated regulatory compliance
  • Policy-based encryption
  • Real-time data visualization


Digital Risk Protection

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection actively monitors and protects company brands and their customers across web domains, social media platforms, and the dark web from fraudulent or spoofed company activity. Combining social media protection, web domain fraud monitoring, and executive and location threat monitoring together in a single platform, Proofpoint intelligently detects malicious activity across a variety of digital channels to safeguard company assets and preserve the integrity and reputation of the organization.

  • Comprehensive domain discovery
  • Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology
  • Account hack protection
  • Real-time threat notifications


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