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qualys logo transparent One of the biggest challenges for enterprises today is integrating security and compliance regulations while keeping enterprise data secure. Qualys offers an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that secures both simple and complex IT operations from threats and vulnerabilities. 

Their solutions handle vulnerability management procedures across hybrid IT environments and integrate the use of real-time visual maps to simplify reporting and response procedures. 

Qualys serves as a compliance solution that allows enterprises to maintain the regulations specific to their industries with ease. This feature alerts a business about the required compliance and if an IT ecosystem continuously adheres to them. With Qualys, responding to auditor requests becomes an automated and timely process because of its continuous compliance checks. It also ensures that audit reports are accurate and meet specified standards.

Features of this next-gen vulnerability management, detection, and response solution include:

Vulnerability Management

Scanning through complex IT ecosystems in search of loopholes cyber-attacks exploit is one of the major features of Qualys. Qualys employs an agent-based detection process that extends its coverage to assets that can’t be scanned. These self-updating agents reside within assets and ensure vulnerabilities are found faster, and their adverse impacts to networks are reduced. 

Security Analytics

Qualys makes scanning, analytics, and reporting vulnerabilities and security challenges possible. With Qualys, custom reports that show in-depth details into vulnerabilities can be created. These details include forgotten devices still integrated into networks and unexpected access points. These details are included in dashboard reports and automated remediation tickets, which make prioritizing remediation tasks a simpler process. 

Real-time Compliance

Ensuring compliance frameworks remain integrated and updated within IT infrastructure reduces the effect of data breaches and corresponding lawsuits. Qualys provides a comprehensive view of an enterprise compliance posture through a one-browser window. Compliance reports are updated in real-time, which provides a process for maintaining frameworks. 

Risk Identification

Qualys provides risk identification features that assist enterprises with identifying the highest risks to their IT operations. This feature makes use of trend-analysis, Zero-day, and patch impact predictions to track vulnerabilities as they appear. The risk identification process is iterative and keeps tracking vulnerabilities as they are fixed and notifying the system if they reappear. 

An Overview of Qualys Solutions

Qualys offers multiple cloud-based vulnerability management tools that can mitigate risks within diversely configured IT infrastructures or systems. These solutions provide end-to-end coverage, continuous detection, and remediation capabilities. They are also scalable, extensible, and compatible with third-party IT ticketing systems. These solutions include:

Qualys DevOps Solutions

The Qualys DevOps solution makes testing for vulnerabilities during development cycles possible. The solution offers comprehensive bug and misconfiguration detection properties and prioritizes remediation for discovered loopholes. It also ensures that DevOps teams integrate regulations and compliance frameworks while developing applications. 

Qualys Endpoint Security Solutions

Qualys offers a solution for tracking vulnerabilities in IoT networks and endpoint devices to protect the integrity of networked endpoints. It applies a continuous discovery and monitoring process to ensure endpoint inventories are constantly checked and updated. This solution makes use of lightweight agents and active scanners for continuous discovery and monitoring. The remediation solutions it offers include pinpointing vulnerable endpoints, bugs, configurations, and suspicious changes which must be addressed

Qualys Cloud Security

When moving workloads to the cloud, public or private, Qualys provides extensive protection for assets in the cloud. Their solution makes use of APIs to automate the tracking of deployment issues and to secure cloud applications. The cloud security solution consists of virtual scanners and sensors for collecting security and compliance data across every cloud environment and configuration. This makes protecting public, private, and hybrid cloud operations a streamlined process. 

Qualys Infrastructure Security Solutions

Qualys makes guiding enterprise networks and data centers possible through a 2-second visibility process. This process provides comprehensive clarity into data center assets, identifies vulnerabilities, and prioritizes remediation. When deployed, enterprises get a robust data analytics and reporting engine that delivers accurate, actionable insight into security issues. It also makes enforcing IT compliance within data centers and IT networks a process that continuously occurs in real-time. 

One of its major selling points is its ability to automate compliance and risk management in the cloud. It ensures businesses continuously demonstrate and achieve a high level of security and compliance across their IT operations. 

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