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rapid7 logo blackAcross IT operations and assets, different vulnerabilities come up every day and at unexpected times. In many cases, these vulnerabilities may lead to downtime, but in a worst-case scenario, vulnerabilities can be exploited, and IT operations compromised. A real-time vulnerability scanner that provides constant intelligence for discovering, locating, and prioritizing vulnerabilities is required. Rapid7 is a vulnerability management software platform that offers the following services:

Adaptive Security

False positives and historical data from infrequent data dumps derail vulnerability scanning processes, which can affect the response of IT teams. Rapid7 takes an adaptive approach to detecting vulnerabilities within IT architecture and operations. This approach involves the use of live monitoring to continually carry out vulnerability scans, which reduce false positives and keeps security data updated.

Policy Assessment

Integrated policies are excellent tools for ensuring IT systems meet security standards or implement standards when they fall short. Rapid7 provides integrated policy assessments that compare your IT security readiness status to benchmark standards like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

Remediation Reporting

Assisting IT teams to take preventive actions is the purpose of vulnerability scanning, and Rapid7 offers remediation reports that intelligently help with reducing risks. Rapid7 reports provide the most insightful solutions teams can take when vulnerabilities are discovered. These reports also pinpoint risks and eliminate the challenges that come with searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Real-time Vulnerability Insights

Rapid7 adaptive security feature already provides live monitoring for risk discovery, but the platform takes things up a notch by offering real-time risk scores. These standard 1 – 1000 risk scores provide more actionable intelligence that takes into account diverse parameters such as the duration of discovered vulnerabilities and how it can be exploited. This helps IT teams prioritize critical issues and see vulnerabilities from the viewpoint of an attacker.

An Overview of Rapid7 Solutions

The Rapid7 vulnerability management platform is equipped with several products or solutions for specific cases. These solutions help with scanning, reporting, and remediation. The Rapid7 solutions that protect IT systems include the following:

Nexpose Adaptive Security

Nexpose provides an adaptive solution to collecting risk and vulnerability data across IT assets and systems. The product offers real-time coverage across IT networks and adapts to new threats using recent data and benchmark security standards. With Nexpose, security teams can create asset groups based on the similarity in remediation activities, which streamlines the remediation process. Nexpose combines with VMware and AWS to ensure it delivers adaptive security for the ever-changing security situation of IT environments.

Insight VM

The Insight VM solution is a lightweight endpoint agent that brings vulnerability scanning and remediation to on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. This solution is extensive; the platform provides end-to-end risk detection services for IT networks, including cloud applications, containers, and devices. The live dashboards make visualizing discovered threats easy, and it integrates real risk prioritization by ensuring the most serious vulnerabilities are highlighted first. Insight VM also provides integrated threat feeds, attack surface monitoring with Project Sonar, and automated containment to ease risk detection and remediation tasks.


insightIDR brings intelligence to threat detection and response through behavior analytics, endpoint detection, network traffic analysis, file integrity monitoring, and automation. This solution simplifies threat detection processes through the use of a life dashboard, which prioritizes threats according to their perceived impact on IT systems. insightIDR is an excellent response tool for containing attacks across IT assets and its frontend users. It detects malware and phishing attacks and contains them to limit their damage potentials. The centralized log and event management features insightIDR provide makes it an excellent SIEM tool and earned it a place in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM 2020 list.


insightOps is an event and log management tool for monitoring, analyzing, and troubleshooting security issues across IT operations. With this solution, metrics such as CPU and memory usage can be tracked, thus monitoring the performance of assets within an IT system. It also collects and normalizes logs from servers, applications, databases, and firewalls. DevOps teams can also integrate insightOps REST API into stacks for advanced IT automation.

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