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A universal threat intelligence solution

recorded future logo pngRecorded Future's threat intelligence platform allows teams to reduce research time, respond confidently, and understand relevant risks. Their product works by analyzing technical, open web, and dark web threat sources, visualizing them for teams and integrating with products like SIEM, SOAR, and GRC.


Brand Protection

Recorded Future is able to protect brands through their alerts. They make it easier to find and take down typosquat domains, leaked credentials, bank identification numbers, fake social media accounts, code leaks, and talk of your brand on the dark web.

Third-Party Risk

Manage risk from third-party breaches by continuously monitoring your partners' risk. Users can improve due diligence for procurement by reviewing Recorded Future's company intelligence cards, which feature risk scores and in-depth analysis.

SecOps and Response

Triage alerts quickly by using Recorded Future's platform to identify false positives and prioritize alerts. Teams can also gain more insight into threats with the platform's machine-scale collection and analysis, which includes Risk Lists for IPs, domains, hashes, and malware with critical context.

Their turnkey solution offers integrations with leading market tools like Splunk and IBM QRadar.

Threat Intelligence

Recorded Future aggregates data from open, closed, and technical sources. Their database is searchable in real-time in a single-pane-of-glass view.

Dark Web Monitoring

Recorded Future makes use of machine learning and natural language processing to analyze an enterprise’s data links attached to the dark web. This includes analyzing client information, links, contacts, and other sources that could be floating around the dark web. The dark web intelligence feature alerts security teams about incidents relevant to its technology stack being traded or used within dark web locations. These threats can also be translated from the thousands of local languages available in many forums to the language you understand.

Vulnerability Management

Manage vulnerabilities with Recorded Future by prioritizing patches in their system and monitoring your tech stack for vulnerabilities.

Geopolitical Risk

Defend against attacks using OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends that affect your organization and industry. Recorded Future provides maps and alerts linked, categorized, and updated in real-time.



Organizations see their threat landscape at a glance with Recorded Future's dashboard, accessible through a mobile app.


A combination of vulnerability management and threat hunting is used to analyze enterprise ecosystems to prevent data breaches and reduce risk within interconnected systems. Recorded Future can also be integrated into existing security technologies such including SIEM tools provide comprehensive security management.

Browser Extension

Gain context from a web-based resource in a single click using Recorded Future's browser extension. The extension shows risk scoring and lists indicators of compromise on a page automatically.

Finished Intelligence

Human-generated research and analysis are conducted by Recorded Future's team Insikt Group. Leveraging human intelligence means a greater context than machine learning can generate.

License Options

Currently, Recorded Future lists three options to access their platform:


You might consider this solution to be "only the essentials," which doesn't include features like access to the mobile app, threat views, analyst notes, or unlimited alerts.


Their second-tier solution is fuller, including the mobile app, critical alerts, Insikt Group research, Quick Search, and access to the home screen.


The full suite, which includes unlimited alerts, over 1 billion intelligence cards, advanced query builder, and more.

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