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A fully integrated endpoint detection and response solution

rsa logo transparent pngRSA NetWitness Endpoint is a core product offering within the RSA NetWitness Platform that provides continuous monitoring of endpoints. Instead of signatures or rules, the platform leverages continuous behavioral monitoring and advanced machine learning to dive deeper into endpoints better and identify zero-day, hidden, and non-malware attacks that other solutions may miss.

Empowering Security Teams and Accelerating Investigations

The platform continuously monitors endpoints to detect anomalies and gathers all forensic data needed for incident response and investigations.

Reduces Dwell Time

RSA NetWitness Endpoint prioritizes threats for security teams to minimize attacker dwell time and improve analysts' time-to-response.

Detects All Endpoint Threats

The endpoint software is able to identify known, unknown, targeted, and non-malware threats that other signature- and perimeter-based solutions miss. It provides real-time visibility into all of an organization’s endpoints—on and off the network.

Highlights Full Attack Scope

RSA NetWitness Endpoint is integrated with the larger platform to facilitate correlation of threat data across multiple inputs (including logs and packets), contain affected endpoints, and eradicate threats across the entire organization.


RSA NetWitness Endpoint Solution Overview

Continuous Endpoint Monitoring

Receive full visibility into all processes, events, and behavior on all endpoints including: servers, desktops, laptops, and virtual machines.

Rapid Data Collection

Collect inventories and profiles in minutes with no discernible impact on end-user productivity.

Scalable and Efficient

Scale your network from a hundred to a hundred thousand endpoints easily. All data storage and most analysis occur on their database, ensuring data integrity, and reducing endpoint impact.

Behavioral-based Detection with UEBA

The endpoint solution is able to determine "normal" endpoint behavior on your network. The platform will also detect deviations and score them based on potential threat level using user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) monitoring and an advanced machine learning algorithm.

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