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Cloud-based Security Analytics

sumologic logo transparent pngSumo Logic is a cloud-based SaaS security platform that provides organizations continuous, real-time security intelligence essential for protecting modern network environments. Whereas traditional SIEM systems struggle to monitor and protect distributed cloud environments effectively, Sumo Logic was designed for scalability and built to cover rapidly expanding attack surfaces. The platform was built with modern IT environments in mind, including cloud infrastructure, tools, and modern application architectures.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Sumo Logic leverages threat intelligence from a variety of native and 3rd party sources for fresh and accurate IOC data.

Growing Integrations

Sumo Logic provides built-in support for popular 3rd party security solutions and continues to grow its list of essential integrations.

Cloud-based Flexibility

Sumo Logic is a highly elastic, cloud-native SaaS platform that can scale to fit the resource needs of any organization and can be deployed in under 15 minutes.

Compliance Readiness

Sumo Logic automatically searches for and discovers compliance gaps to ensure the organization is compliant and audit-ready at all times.


Sumo Logic Solution Overview

SaaS Delivery Model

As cloud deployments and modern IT environments continue to evolve, Sumo Logic gives organizations a flexible and agile SIEM solution that can scale to meet those emerging needs. Sumo Logic is delivered like a true SaaS model, offering organizations on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling capabilities, rapid elasticity, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

  • Continuous integration and delivery of optimized network applications
  • Effective across all cloud deployments (public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud, etc.)
  • Enables a more efficient transition to cloud security management


Scalable Data Collection

Sumo Logic gives security teams the ability to ingest terabytes worth of event data every day via their Elastic Log Processing engine. The engine ensures companies have the computing, storage, and processing capabilities they need to handle unexpected fluctuations in machine data volume. Sumo Logic can pair with over 150 applications and integrations to make data aggregation easy right out of the box.

  • Broad cloud and application ecosystem data ingest
  • Collect logs across applications, services, devices, infrastructure, and feeds
  • Native and 3rd party security integrations and support
  • Scalable cloud repository to store, index, parse and analyze data


Incident Response

Sumo Logic actively monitors company network information across environments, custom applications, operating systems, and devices--helping security teams detect and respond to data anomalies, compliance violations, and active threats as they occur. Analysts receive detailed insight into the alerts, allowing them to engage the threat appropriately as well as identify any network vulnerabilities that may still exist.

  • Detect anomalies beyond pre-defined rules and reports
  • Deep insight into user activity
  • Automated event alerts
  • Built-in external threat intelligence


Data Visualization

Sumo Logic provides customizable dashboards used to display security metrics, performance data, and other key information across the network for a bird’s-eye view into a company’s network security efforts in real-time. Sumo Logic’s LogReduce and Anomaly Detection technologies automatically correlate network data to detect threats without manual input from the SOC team.

  • Pre-built visualizations and queries
  • Centralized visibility into network data
  • Forensic and trending analysis
  • Adaptive situational awareness
  • Simplify root cause analysis efforts
  • Unique pattern recognition capabilities

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