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Next-Gen Endpoint Detection and Response Platform Cybereason is a next-gen endpoint security platform that offers a variety of security monitoring, NGAV, and managed detection services for organizations big and small. Originally founded by former cyber security experts in the Israel Defense Forces, Cybereason’s services are designed to deliver organizations complete security awareness. In addition, their platform offers advanced threat protection capabilities to thoroughly safeguard company networks and critical assets from digital attacks. Detection Precision Third-Party Integration Rapid Remediation Detection Precision Behavioral analysis and cross-correlation capabilities allow organizations to quickly identify emerging threats with a high degree of accuracy, significantly reducing false positives that can waste time and internal resources. Third-party Integration The Cybereason platform can be integrated with several third-party firewalls, SIEM tools, and other threat intelligence resources to enrich all incoming threat data and maximize the likelihood malicious threats are detected earlier in the attack chain. Rapid Remediation Cybereason offers high-powered remediation tools that enable security teams to access remote shell directly from the console as well as automatically detect and respond to advanced network threats.   Cybereason Solutions Overview Cybereason EDR Delivering complete endpoint protection from a single, lightweight agent, Cybereason EDR is a full-featured EDR solution designed to catch, analyze, and defend against highly advanced network threats in real-time directly at the endpoint. Cybereason allows organizations to correlate data across machines and generate contextualized alerts to monitor threats as they’re discovered at any point in the attack chain. Light endpoint agent Layered malware detection and defense Pre- and post-execution malware inspection Threat feed integration In-memory and application-layer protection Centralized management and user interface   CorrelationEngine The Cybereason CMC Engine can cross-correlate data between multiple endpoints, allowing security teams to catch and pinpoint threats quickly and more accurately than traditional EDR solutions.   Alert Contextualization Cybereason gives security analysts rich insight into the complete scope of an attack, including detailed information regarding a root cause of the breach, attack timeline, affected machines and/or users, and all incoming or outgoing communications. Analysts can visualize the attacks through a user dashboard and find the critical information needed to mitigate the threat quickly and effectively.   Threat Remediation Cybereason gives security teams generous flexibility and control over remediation. Companies can automatically respond to threats across all affected machines at scale or can directly leverage the remediation toolbox within the console to respond to an active target.   Investigation & Analysis Using a rich analytics dashboard provided by Cybereason, security analysts have the ability to view process trees, timelines, and malicious activity for each endpoint on their network. The dashboard gives even lower-level staff the ability to answer hypotheses and hunt down threats.   Cybereason NGAV Cybereason provides a next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution that safeguards company endpoints against highly advanced and unknown security threats, including ransomware and fileless attacks. Cybereason uses machine learning and behavioral analysis technology to identify and stop suspicious activity before it can compromise critical company assets. Fileless attack prevention Secure PowerShell without whitelisting Automate ransomware hunting efforts Automatically prevent malicious encryption

  • 4 min read
  • February 5, 2020 7:43:40 PM MST

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