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Complete Endpoint Security Management Platform

Tanium LogoTanium is a feature-packed endpoint management and endpoint security platform designed to strengthen and optimize an organization’s cybersecurity efforts. The platform gives security teams the tools they need to fortify existing security gaps or completely overhaul their cybersecurity environments, providing complete threat response capabilities from a single endpoint agent.

Encompassing everything from asset and threat discovery to complete threat response capabilities from a single endpoint agent, Tanium gives security teams the tools they need to fortify existing security gaps and/or completely overhaul their cyber security environments to adequately prepare themselves for future generations of cyber threats.


Tanium Solutions Overview

Tanium Core Platform

Serving as the foundational core of the Tanium platform, Tanium Core is a security solution that continuously measures and reports on key endpoint security metrics. The core allows security analysts to track the health and performance of critical company assets. Tanium Core can automatically connect and integrate with 3rd party systems to enrich security data collection as well as help accelerate remediation efforts.

  • Endpoint monitoring and remediation
  • SecOps analytics dashboard
  • Natural language parser
  • SIEM, log collector, ticketing system, CMDB integration
  • Custom sensor authoring


Tanium Asset

Tanium Asset gives organizations immediate visibility into all known and unknown assets connected to the company network. Tanium Asset can discover and monitor devices, users, software, hardware, and all related activity on the network--giving security analysts a consistent and up-to-date view into the overall health and efficiency of their security efforts.

  • Inventory of online and offline endpoints
  • Custom and pre-built reports
  • CMDB integrations


Tanium Comply

Tanium Comply is a security and compliance module that continuously scans network endpoints for vulnerable misconfigurations and compliance violations. Doing so not only aids in improving a company’s overall security hygiene, but it can also help accelerate and simplify compliance preparation efforts at the same time.

  • Check configurations against industry benchmarks
  • Automatic or on-demand scanning
  • Aggregate assessment results
  • Support corporate security mandates


Tanium Deploy

As corporate networks grow larger and more complex, Tanium Deploy gives organizations a more efficient way to ensure endpoint software remains patched and up-to-date to minimize security vulnerabilities. Using Tanium Deploy, IT teams can automatically detect outdated software and quickly administer updates when needed.

  • Rapidly deploy and update software
  • Real-time visibility into software deployments
  • Third-party software update templates
  • Employee self-service options


Tanium Discover

As employee use of personal devices for work grows more and more common, Tanium Discover can automatically detect and monitor those unmanaged assets to ensure sensitive company data remains protected at all times. Security teams can unearth rogue devices, assess those devices, and either deploy the Tanium agent or block the endpoint’s access to the network depending on the information company analysts have gathered.

  • Automatically detect hidden and/or unmanaged endpoints
  • Collect and analyze endpoint data
  • Continuous monitoring with negligible network impact
  • Remotely secure or block discovered devices


Tanium Patch

Tanium Patch gives organizations an efficient and effective way to patch software systems at scale. Once all computer groups have been patched administrators can view the deployment status for patches as well as view historical patch and system data for each machine.

  • Deploy critical system patches at scale
  • Immediate patch success/failure display
  • Customize patch schedules and workflows


Tanium Protect

Tanium Protect is a powerful endpoint protection and application control component within the greater platform that allows organizations to consolidate the control of company endpoints and enforce complex security policies at scale. Tanium Protect helps organizations better leverage native OS security controls to reduce unnecessary IT spend and improve their overall security posture without the need for any new infrastructure.

  • Application control
  • Endpoint control via AppLocker or SRP
  • Firewall management
  • Antivirus management
  • Drive encryption
  • Remediation enforcement


Tanium Reveal

Tanium Reveal is an endpoint monitoring module designed to improve the overall protection and control of highly sensitive company files and data assets. Data patterns that match previously defined artifacts within the Tanium platform automatically alert appropriate security staff where they can then review the threat and respond accordingly.

  • Continuous monitoring of high-value data targets
  • Define and index sensitive data patterns
  • Automated alerts and mitigation workflows


Tanium Threat Response

Tanium Threat Response is an endpoint detection and response module that gives security teams the ability to actively monitor endpoints and quickly respond to threats as they emerge in real-time. Threat Response also allows analysts to conduct forensic investigations after an attack has already impacted the network.

  • Single endpoint agent and console
  • Automated threat detection
  • Real-time alerts
  • Current and historical data views
  • Threat hunting capabilities

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