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Vulnerability Management (VM) & Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Vulnerability Management is defined as the process where vulnerabilities in IT are identified and evaluated. The evaluation leads to correcting the vulnerabilities and removing the risk by the organization.

A strong VM process will:

  • Identify vulnerabilities within a security architecture
  • Evaluate and prioritize the weaknesses
  • Treat by remediating, mitigating, or accepting the vulnerabilities
  • Generate valuable reports

Performing regular vulnerability scans and running assessments is a part of any resilient cybersecurity strategy. Where organizations struggle is prioritizing and responding to the results.

Overworked and stretched-thin security teams struggle to efficiently and meticulously manage vulnerabilities among the day-to-day tasks on their plate.

Additionally, a growing number of vulnerability management tools have created a "shiny object" syndrome, emphasizing scans over a holistic management process.

That’s where Datashield steps in and provides Vulnerability Management as a service (VMaaS).


Why Datashield Vulnerability Management?

We provide a dedicated team to serve as an extension of your current one. Our experts identify, prioritize and respond to threats in your environment.

Datashield's analysts and threat content developers augment your security operations without adding significant headcount and resource strains, providing context and insight to your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Ready to tackle Vulnerability Management?

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How our VM works

Consultative Approach

Datashield takes the time to understand your organization's needs and current security infrastructure.

Our experts are able to communicate and interface with your existing security team to help take some of the vulnerability prioritization and automation off their plates.

Additionally, our team will help tune and generate insightful reports for internal and compliance standards.

Skilled Setup

Your organization can feel confident with Datashield as a second set of eyes on your network.

The analysts, threat content team, and engagement managers at Datashield are on hand to assist in the implementation, tuning, and maintenance of vulnerability tools and processes.

Clear Communication

As an extension of your security team, Datahield is able to deliver clear and consistent communication with your team.

Our clients have come to rely on our amazing team of analysts and professionals for their attention to detail and commitment to a high level of service.

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