The ADT Cybersecurity Security Appliance™

The next generation of affordable Managed Security  Services and Technology

Using a proprietary combination of cyber security technologies, ADT Cybersecurity is changing the economics of security with one advanced, turn-key cyber security solution. Built in partnership with Dell, the ADT Cybersecurity Security Appliance is placed into your existing infrastructure giving you the scalability, performance and customizability to address any dynamic business need.

SHIELDVISION: the most sophisticated threat intelligence platform available today

Using SHIELDVision the ADT Cybersecurity team applies cyber threat intel not only real-time as data is processed, but against previously captured packet data. With this approach even legacy traffic can be scrubbed against zero day exploit indicators of compromise, anomalies can be detected,  and remediation in your environment can be completed. This process helps close the time gap between detection and remediation greatly reducing the chances of a successful data breach.

ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and

The ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ service was developed for the sole purpose of helping organizations who struggle to deploy an effective combination of expertise and tools to detect cyberattacks, especially targeted advanced threats.

ADT Cybersecurity Managed Detection and Response™ for RSA’s NetWitness Technology

Organizations are often confronted with a lack of visibility and knowledge regarding the nature of traffic moving through their environment. The ADT Cybersecurity MDR operates as an extension of the RSA Network Visibility Assessment delivered on RSA’s Security Analytics technology.